Themify Product Highlights

Themify theme is offered in 42 options and it is counting. People will be able to find the right one for their needs and they can always find the theme responsive. Themify becomes a dependable source of theme for building WordPress website. To find out further about things which can be offered by this company, there are some product highlights which can be seen from Themify.


If people are looking for the popular theme offered by this company, they can consider the Ultra theme. It is used by many website owners and also freelancers because it has extreme flexibility and power. This theme is multi-purposed which means that the website with various types can use this theme properly. People will be able to find various options for the layouts. They will be able to choose the best option for the individual pages or even the sitewide. People can free to choose the skins as well as pre-made demos from this theme.


People have different purposes for the website they want to build. Some people want to build an e-commerce website and of course, they need to look for the theme which can support this purpose. Fortunately, Themify understands this need completely and offer people with the Shoppe theme which is specified for e-commerce building purpose. There are various features available for the e-commerce needs from the wish list to the quick search. There is no need to worry about the appearance because this theme comes with various layouts and skins collection. With this theme, people will be able to create a professional online shop right away.


If people think that Themify only offers the best theme for business, they make a great mistake because there are also themes which are made for specific purposes such as for the musicians. They can find a perfect theme for their website using the Music theme. They can get the all-in-one theme with this option. They can find the custom types of the post which can be used for publishing albums for instance. They can also publish other things from the videos to the press release. The most interesting thing from this theme is the special audio player which can be played continuously while the audience is browsing the website.

Builders and Add-ons

It is possible for people to design any kind of layout they want by using the drag and drop builder offered by Themify. People can find various built-in tools from the Themify Builder from flexible grid system to the animation styles. It can be extended with add-ons as well.

Post Type Builder

People can only find the types of post and page when they use the WordPress by default. People should use the Post Type Builder if they want to build the post and content which is unique. They will be able to make the new post types which are customized. It can be extended using the add-ons for enhancing the audience’s experience. There is no doubt that people can find what they need from the Themify wordpress theme.

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