Choose Your Best way of Storing Data

Copies of a number of your important files sometimes can not be saved to the fullest. Besides that, the storage and backing up data is often not taken into account, even within a company and business. When the data is paramount in an organization to serve as a benchmark and comparison to the organization or company can be further developed. Could imagine if the data and important files are lost due to errors caused by data storage that is not neat and orderly?

Not infrequently it back up and storage of data handed over to the other parties who are considered experts, and the cost is not small. Especially if stored in it is of critical data. Whereas, if there is a willingness to manage data storage, will not achieve a great price at all.

For which the required accuracy and regularity in the storing data and back it up. And the following are appropriate steps to save and back up data.

  1. Create a directory on your desktop and call it “Backup Files”, and store all your important files in that directory. Once a month, burn that directory to a CD or a DVD.
  2. Get a second hard drive, and use it as your back up drive. Copy your working folder of important files over to that hard drive once a month, with a separate directory for each month.
  3. Add an older computer to your home network, and give it a few extra hard drives of storage – share those hard drives with your network and use that PC as your “file server” or local library for files – copy anything over that you need to, with more important files copied over more frequently.
  4. Use an external hard drive or USB drive to store your files while you work on them. They are far less likely to suffer any impact from your computer crashing, however, especially in the case of some of the smaller USB drives, they are small can be either lost or broken because they are so portable.

Another solution is usually found in large corporations is an email service that can be stored online. Because when the data and files stored manually, it is likely to lose for many reasons, it is bigger. Therefore, data storage online should also be conducted. Although the cost is more expensive than manual data storage, but the security provided is much better.

Professional online web server would normally use tape media to back up their data, with a capacity per tape from a few dozen MB to show a few dozen – they will often use a few tapes, maybe one day for every day of the week, or one tape for each working day and adding a weekly tape for each full week, and cycling through tapes again and again. But losses can also occur when the tapes are worth quite expensive failed to record properly.

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